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Introducing the ARA Reception Desks, a contemporary and stylish design that perfectly complements any modern reception area. With a wide selection of finishes available for the main reception counter carcass and floating front panel, you can effortlessly find a combination that suits your decor. Choose from the sophisticated Platinum White, the industrial charm of Concrete, the timeless appeal of Grey Nebraska Oak and Lancaster Oak, the rich elegance of Dijon Walnut, or explore the new Halifax range, offering a stunning 3D wood effect that mimics the texture and feel of real wood. The main reception counter carcass and return measure 700mm in depth, 700mm in width, and 1070mm in height. The floating panel sits slightly higher, resulting in a total height of 1100mm. To ensure ample leg space, there is a cutaway leg where the return desk joins the main desk, providing added comfort for users. Each ARA Reception Desk is meticulously manufactured to your bespoke requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. With our efficient production process, we guarantee delivery within 8 to 12 days, allowing you to enjoy your new reception desk in no time. Elevate your reception area with the unique style and exceptional craftsmanship of the ARA Reception Desks, designed to make a lasting impression while offering functionality and customizable options tailored to your needs.  


Introducing Aura Custom: Exquisite, Made-to-Order Reception Desks Aura Custom offers meticulously crafted reception desks that are tailored to your specifications. Our desks are made with high-quality materials, including MDF with a Melamine finish and E1 Environmental Boards for the body and legs. The Kadi Wood & White color combination adds elegance to any space. With a spacious 160 cm x 60 cm desktop and a convenient drawer, our reception desks are designed for efficiency and organization. The overall dimensions of 180 cm x 60 cm x 105 cm create a commanding presence. Packaged securely in three sturdy boxes, our desks are easy to transport and assemble. Light dusting or wiping is all that's needed for maintenance, and keeping them away from direct sunlight prevents damage. Experience the elegance and professionalism of Aura Custom Made Reception Desks for your space.  


Introducing "EVO" - Inspired by  Organic Architecture Custom-Made Reception Desks  


The Fiesta" – a meticulously crafted, bespoke reception desk exuding elegance and sophistication. This custom-made masterpiece blends the timeless allure of white toros and grey marble, resulting in an unparalleled design that effortlessly elevates any reception area. With its premium German-made board and carefully integrated white LED strips, The Fiesta emanates a sense of professionalism that is second to none. The inclusion of a mobile pedestal and a round grommet ensures utmost functionality while maintaining the desk's unique and professional appeal. Experience the epitome of distinction with The Fiesta reception desk.


Introducing "Lumina" - Inspired by  Organic Architecture Custom-Made Reception Desks  


introducing "Nova" - Embrace Unique Charm with Stepped Design and Smart Lighting    Custom-Made Reception Desks  


The Contemporary Reception Desk collection is designed with clean lines, floating overlays, and LED accent lights to create a visually striking and impressive first impression for your visitors. The modern design elements make this collection sleek and stylish. One of the key features of this reception desk collection is its modular nature. The modularity allows for flexibility in configuring the desk to meet your specific functional requirements. Whether you need a larger desk with multiple workstations or a smaller, more compact setup, the collection can be customized to fit within your space. This versatility is particularly beneficial for businesses that have varying needs or limited space. The modular design ensures that you can optimize the layout of your reception area while maintaining a cohesive and contemporary aesthetic. Overall, the Contemporary Reception Desk collection offers a high-impact aesthetic, functional flexibility, and customization options to create an impressive and practical reception area for your organization.