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Golden means luxury and elegance. Not only are they completely luxurious but they are also extremely durable and will last for a very long time looking shiny and golden
  • Easy to use, easy to fit, easy to clean and to maintain.
  • Extremely durable carpets, water absorbent, stain resistant, and extremely easy to clean
  • Providing a modern new style for your home that can’t be seen anywhere.
Carpet Tiles are suitable for installation in every environment with their classical designs and look. Carpet tiles are a flexible carpet solution which makes them extremely easy to handle the floor underneath and keep it maintained. Therefore, you can easily change one carpet tile or even remove them to get reach of what is underneath. Whether you choose one style or combine different styles together, you can always have the best looking modern, contemporary style for your atmosphere. These carpet tiles with their highly detailed sophisticated beautiful patterns are suitable for installation in your modern home. Inspired from the beautiful sophisticated art design installed in areas where the aim is to provide unique beautiful carpets. These carpets are made from high quality yarns and along with the luxurious look they provide the high durability with other features like water absorbent, stain resistant and are extremely easy to clean.